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Instrumented Devices

Instrumented Forearm Crutches for Lower Limb Rehabilitation

Forearm crutches are frequently used in the rehabilitation of an injury to the lower limb, by enabling the patient to reduce or remove weight-bearing on the affected limb. Both excessive loading and unloading of the limb can slow healing or cause further damage, suggesting a need for a program of graduated weight-bearing and activity. Therefore, a patient is instructed by their physiotherapist to apply a certain fraction of their body weight through the crutch axis as they walk. Instructing patients on partial weight-bearing is a difficult task for the physiotherapist as there are currently few objective means of measuring how much weight is going through the affected lower limb. A patient's perception of the loading on their leg is often prone to considerable error and clinicians can give only subjective feedback as a result of visual inspection.

Further information can be found on the project webpage on the ECS website: http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/research/projects/705


Instrumented Crutches Research Team

Prof Neil White
Dr Georgina Hallett

Researchers (Current):

Researchers (Previous):
Mohamed Ettabib (Intern Student, 2009-09)
Christian Peters (Intern Student, 2008-09)


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Crutch Research in Government Report
10th December 2010

Report on "Research and Development Work Relating to Assistive Technology"
Report on "Research and Development Work Relating to Assistive Technology"
Our research on instrumented crutches for rehabilitation has been featured in an annual government report on assistive technology. Our bit can be found on page 29 of the report (follow the link at the bottom of this news item).

The report is prepared by FAST (the Foundation of Assistive Technology), and is an annual publication by the Department of Health (UK Government). The report has a number of uses (including giving researchers an overview of other work in the field, and service providers information on new technologies and devices), but is also used by Government to highlight promising and successful areas of research that may require future funding.

The annual report is published pursuant to section 22 of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970, and describes the wide range of government funded projects supporting the development, introduction and evaluation of assistive technology that might increase the range of activities and independence or well being of disabled and older people.

For more information, click here.

Press Coverage for Instrumented Crutches
14th November 2010

Geoff Merrett and the Instrumented Crutch
Geoff Merrett and the Instrumented Crutch
My research on instrumented forearm crutches received a fantastic amount of press coverage and public interest. A selection of the online coverage that it received, at least that which I have spotted, is listed below:
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