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Haptic Devices

Our research featured on BBC Arabic's 4Tech show

Our research featured on BBC Arabic's 4Tech show in February 2012. The interview included Linda (many thanks!) using a commercially available Hocoma Armeo upper-limb robot. Dr Sara Demain explains the use of this robot, and I explain some of the research that we are doing at Southampton. In particular, we are looking into providing sensation to the fingers during this form of rehabilitation, in order to improve recovery. Click here for more information on this research.

You can find a video of the interview on the BBC Arabic YouTube channel. See above for a subtitled video of the interview (original video is copyright BBC 4Tech, 2012). Subtitles were added by the research team, and should be used only as an indication of what was said. We take no responsiblity for any inaccurate translations, they are the result of merging a direct word-for-word translation with what we remember saying during the interview!
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